ERNI connectors are perfect for the medical industry

ERNI Electronics connectors are the perfect choice when space is a premium and signal strength is critical. Proven solutions in miniature design, choose ERNI as your partner for medical applications. Among the connectors that are chosen winners for this market include MicroSpeed, delivering up to 25 GB/S, and up to 18A with its corresponding power module. SMC cable assemblies are a great choice for ventilators and MaxiBridge with 2.54mm pitch conveys up to 12A per contact and is available in a variety of pin counts, types, and colors. ERNI has long been producing connectors that power medical devices, please explore our site for more information and reach out to us with any questions about your specific project.  Learn more about some of our medical applications by clicking here.

Large medical devices are powered by ERNI

ERNI cable assemblies with varying pin counts, cable type, and lengths power many medical devices

ERNI's large variety of connectors from standard, BtB, & WtB categories are proven solutions for medical applications 

Miniaturized and powerful connectors contribute to increased mobility in various forms.

Learn more about ERNI Connectors

If you're curious to learn more about ERNI connectors, check out these one-page datasheets that give you a few more details about some of these popular ones.


MaxiBridge is a 2.54mm pitch connector with dual latching, high temp resistance and delivers up to 12A per and is available as both connector and cable assembly


ERNI's SMC is a miniaturization of the ever-popular DIN, with a 1.27mm pitch this powerhouse conveys up to 1.7A per contact and 3Gbts/S is available as both connector, and cable assembly.


MiniBridge is a 1.27mm single row connector that delivers up to 8,6A per contact, has integrated retention clips, and comes in SMT and IDC, as a connector and cable assembly.


ERNI's MicroStac is a miniaturized connector, and while at only a 0.8mm pitch is carries 2.7A and delivers 1Gbt/S. 

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