Industrial Automation

ERNI connectors are built for the industrial automation world and more

The demand for high-quality connectors is increasing in the industrial industry, thanks to the growing importance of electric drives. ERNI offers a broad range of industrial connectors for different applications.  Miniaturized, powerful, latching, and with many variants, ERNI's electronic connector solutions help power everything from the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 to connected homes and cities.  ERNI connectors have high signal integrity with a low profile and resistance to harsh environments.  Explore the links below and feel free to connect with our team to discuss how ERNI's connector solutions can help your project.  

ERNI connectors are built for Industry


with 1.27mm pitch, stacking heights up to 40mm, power & signal, SMC is made for industry

MicroSpeed & Power Connectors

MicroSpeed Signal, Power Modules and Power Connectors are the trifecta for industry

Power Elements

When high power is needed, look no further than ERNI's Power Elements

M8 & M12

ERNI's M8&M12 series is valued by designers and the M12RA is an exceptional product

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